Iterating hash map values, keys without iterator allocations / JAVA

1. The problem Nobody likes lags. So for some (real time) applications like real time rendered 3D games it is nessessary to avoid memory allocations and garbage collection when beeing e.g. ingame as GC might block your game just when you do not need or want it. Additionally there is no way to control garbage … Read more


In last time i saw more often security holes in web applications from web developers that actually do create web applications and run them – SQL injections. I do not understand that, because avoiding them is actually no voodoo. 1. Understanding SQL injections Its easy. You instruct a mysql server to do things with SQL … Read more

How to install a NetBSD 6.0 workstation on a laptop

How to install a NetBSD workstation on a laptop: This is a very short tutorial how to install NetBSD 6.0 on a Laptop. It installs the OS on the whole hard disc, sets ups WIFI, installs pkgin, a binary package manager, and some basic software… Grab the ISO for NetBSD 6.0 for your machine and … Read more